Guillem Balague: ‘Cristiano Ronaldo dreams of Manchester United return, everything is in place’ [Video]

Suddenly, all those ‘You never know’ interviews from Cristiano Ronaldo when asked about returning to Manchester United look like more than just PR politeness.

On Revista de La Liga this evening, Spanish football expert Guillem Balague dropped a major bomb, saying that Ronaldo

‘dreams of returning to Manchester United’, and that ‘everything is in place for the move to happen’.

What he means by ‘everything being in place’, is that United are fully aware of Ronaldo’s desire to return, and that they have the finances to make it happen; though you get the feeling Florentino Perez isn’t yet ‘in place’.

Balague says that at Madrid, Ronaldo feels like he’s on the 9 to 5 grind, that he’s ‘working’, whereas in Manchester and at United,’he enjoyed himself like a kid‘.

Football never stands still, and though Ronaldo’s current club won the Champions League last season, and United aren’t even in it this year, there’s a certain momentum and zeitgeist at United all of a sudden that Balague says Ronaldo wants to be a part of.

This is without doubt the most concrete piece of journalism to arise on a possible Ronaldo return to Manchester United.

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