Pep to Neymar’s dad: Tito won’t know how to use him & Messi together [Radio Globo]

Brazilian outlet Radio Globo have told a story in the past 24 hours which is likely to burn bridges between Bayern Munich and FC Barcelona.

Moreover, the story drives a wedge between former Barcelona manager and assistant manager Pep Guardiola and Tito Vilanova.

One of the stories of the summer, if not the story of the summer, has been Barcelona’s capture of Neymar for Santos for €50m. Whilst the Catalans eventually got their man, it has now come to light that Bayern Munich were close to signing the Brazilian starlet after Pep Guardiola convinced Neymar’s dad that Bayern Munich would be a better fit for his son.

According to Radio Globo, Guardiola had a two-pronged approach to trying to convince Neymar to sign on at the Allainz Arena: promote Bayern, and downplay Barcelona.

Pep told Neymar’s dad that if his son signed on that Neymar would have a “real opportunity to become the best player in the world.” Pep is aso said to have argued that Tito Vilanova would be unable to effectively use Neymar and Lionel Messi together in the same team.

Neymar’s dad was reportedly convinced by Pep, but Neymar wasn’t.

Only time will tell if Pep Guardiola was right.