Pep’s intense Bayern training session in Doha, screams “this happens in every f***ing game!” at players

The reigning Bundesliga and Champions League holders Bayern Munich are currently in Doha during the winter break, but their time in the Middle East is far form a holiday.

YouTube channel TZOnline were present during Bayern’s workout on Tuesday, and the German video channel recorded Pep Guardiola holding an intense session with his Munich stars.

Pep looked agitated and revved up throughout the 8 minute long video, with the Bayern boss heard screaming at his players “Das passiert jedes fucking spiel!” (This happens in every fucking game!) as he struggled to get over his thoughts during a passing drill.

While in Qatar, Bayern will take part in friendly matches against AI Merrlkh Sport Club and Al Arabi Sporting Club.

Watch Pep Guardiola get angry during an intense Bayern training session in Doha below.