Guangdong TV sends out girls in bikinis to deliver the Euro 2012 weather forecast

Credit to Beijing Cream for spotting this mad clip.

If China’s interest in Euro 2012 is a losing battle mainly due to the unsociable game times at midnight and 2.45 am, the challenge of getting viewers interested in a Euro 2012 weather report seemed nigh on impossible.

But where others saw problems, Guangdong TV saw a solution with attention grabbing consequences.

The answer: Roll out a couple of Chinese girls in just bikinis and high-heeled shoes, and what you get in a viral hit!

According to Guangdong TV’s website, over a dozen girls entered a contest to be the bikini TV lasses. Moreover, the ladies aren’t only there to talk about the weather as apparently they are also chirping up with live commentary on the Guangdong Sports Channel.

Move over Gary Lineker!

Watch the Guangdong TV Euro 2012 bikini girls below.

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