Gross! Esley (Santa Cruz) wipes his own blood on Chicao (Fortaleza)

Brazil’s Serie C has once again come up with a crazy clip – see this miss we posted yesterday.

Santa Cruz hosted Fortaleza on Saturday in a top four clash of Group A but the first half descended into anarchy with some crazy scenes.

Esley and Chicao went in for a challenge with the Santa Cruz man left with a bloody face in the 42nd minute.

Bleeding and presumably in shock, Esley subsequently wiped his blood on the back of his opponent before then coming face to face and doing the same thing.

After plenty of confusion, Esley (who had earlier scored an own goal in the match) and Chicao were sent off with two others also ordered from the field in the scuffles that can be seen on the second video below.

Fortaleza would go on to win the match 2-1.

The first video shows Esley wiping his blood on Chicao. Nasty!

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