Gremio stand by defender Saimon after an x-rated movie involving two women is leaked online

Gremio’s 22-year-old defender Saimon is the centre of tabloid focus in Brazil on Thursday after an x-rated movie involving two women was leaked online.

It’s still unknown how exactly the homemade movie managed to get out, but the short clip is now the flooding the internet in South America.

Making the whole scandal all the more salacious is the fact the movie was reportedly filmed while Saimon was off training with an injury.

Gremio, however, have decided to stand by their employee. The club have spoken to reporters, saying: It’s a totally private video. It only concerns him. We have told him that our legal department is at his disposal.  

While the video involving Saimon and two women, it is also apparent that the person who filmed the even it was a man. Bizarrely, that has lead to one Gremio fan protesting outside the club with a banner labelling Saimon a homosexual.

A picture of the protesting Gremio fan is below, together with a picture of the ladies said to be at the centre of the story.

In addition, if you are over 18 and choose to do so, you can watch the x-rated movie here.