Granada’s poor footballers protest by refusing to play ball

The economic crisis has hit the world hard, and its affect on world football is slowly taking hold as was demonstrated by an incredible protest held in Spain last weekend.

Several clubs in Spanish football have already felt the financial pinch, and last season Levante’s squad threatened to strike if the club continued to refuse to pay them their salaries. And while that conflict was eventually resolved, not everyone has been so lucky.

None more so than third division Granada CF. Having failed to pay their squad for four long months, the players took it upon themselves to make an incredible protest during their match with Melilla last weekend.

The Andalusian players wore simple and direct T-shirts making their case clear to their club President: “Paco Sanz – we want to be paid.” And then the players demonstrated the strength of their beliefs in an unbelievable protest at kick off of the match, as all eleven starters sunk to the floor on the referee’s whistle, refusing to take part in the match for the opening 30 seconds.

Sadly, Granada President Paco Sanz was nowhere to be seen.

Footage of Granada’s amazing on-field protest can be seen here.