Gooner starts #FreeSuarez Twitter account & petition in ambitious bid to get Liverpool striker to Arsenal

With the news that Liverpool owner John Henry gambled on Arsenal not taking the Reds to court over their finagling of the Suarez bid last summer, some Arsenal fans have been left in disbelief.

Feeling much aggrieved that they were ‘wrongfully’ denied Suarez, a group of Arsenal fans have started a petition, via the Twitter account FreeSuarez, whose bio reads, ‘Luis Suarez is being kept at Liverpool ILLEGALLY! #FreeSuarez Please sign the petition, together we can save Suarez’ career.

The anonymous Gooner claims he already has 500 signatures, and that Suarez’s signature for Arsenal is imminent.

Predictably, Liverpool fans are scoffing at the outlandishness of it all, and have let their feelings be known on Twitter.