‘Good Riddance!’ Daily Mail actually PRINT ‘Diving, Biting, Racist Cheat’ Suarez headline on Saturday’s backpage

The Daily Mail ran with a pretty provocative, not to say libelous (you can’t just call somebody a racist even considering Suarez’s case with Evra) headline early on Friday, once Luis Suarez’s departure from Liverpool was confirmed:

Good Riddance: There’s no reason to miss this diving, biting, racist cheat’.

Pretty astonishingly, the Mail have actually decided to PRINT said headline on Saturday’s backpage, so any UK citizen unaware of who Luis Suarez is will be curtly informed that the man’s a racist as they go to buy their morning paper.

OK, the first two parts are true, and maybe the fourth….but calling the man a racist two years after a one-off affair? Why so personal?

And even if they left out the racist part, why so bitter?

The very act of going out of their way to act nonplussed actually completely backfires, and shows just how much the hacks at the Daily Mail will miss Suarez lighting up the Premier League on a weekly basis.