Golazo! Tijuana’s Richard Ruíz (kind off) pulls off the Pele keeper dummy from 1970

There was something in the air last night, as TWO attempts to emulate Pele’s infamous goal that never was in 1970, when he duped the keeper with a ghost dummy, only to miss his shot by inches.

Neymar would have pulled it off against Espanyol were it not for a cynical tackle from the keeper, but it was successfully pulled off in the Liga MX in Mexico last night.

Sort of.

Tijuana’s Richard Ruiz rounded the keeper with what the French call a ‘grand pont’ (big bridge), deftly touching the ball past the keeper and then running around the other side, to then finish into the empty net.

Technically, it wasn’t quite the Pele dummy as he touched the ball, but still – it’s a cracking GOLAZO!

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