Great golazo or flukey faux-lazo? Ibrahim El Bahri’s Trivela goal v Union Douala

We love a golazo here at 101gg, it’s the air that the site breathes.

But we’re often hesitant to tick that golazo box, on suspicion of an entry being an imposter faux-lazo; i.e. a fluke.

A classic case has emerged from Friday’s African Champions League round of 32 1st leg encounter between Morocco’s Fath Union Sport de Rabat and Cameroon’s Union Sportive de Douala, which the Moroccans won 3-0.

Ibrahim El Bahri opened the scoring with an outrageous outside of the boot Trivela, but it’s hard to tell whether he meant it or not.

With the keeper only barely off his line, it’s difficult to believe he would attempt such an audacious lob; but in his favour, he can clearly see his support hasn’t arrived yet, so it’s also unlikely he would have sent in such an early cross.

El Bahri was certainly claiming it anyway! And who can blame him.

Watch Ibrahim El Bahri’s outrageous Trivela goal below, and decide for yourself in the comments whether it’s a golazo or a faux-lazo.

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