Giorgos Katidis (AEK Athens) scores winner v Veria, celebrates with Nazi Salute

The news in Greece tonight, not just the Sports or Football, is dominated by a goal celebration from a  match in the Greek Super League.

AEK Athens pulled away from the relegation zone with a 2-1 win over Veria thanks to a goal in the 84th minute from Giorgos Katidis.

After scoring the 84th minute winner, Katidis ran over to the touchline, took off his shirt (for which he was booked) and then proceeded to celebrate with a Nazi Salute before he was mobbed by his team mates and coaching staff.

The video and pictures are pretty clear – it is quite simply ridiculous that Katidis was booked for taking off his shirt but received no on-field sanction for a Nazi Salute but we will leave that particular gripe with the FIFA rules for another time.

Whilst a social media storm broke out in Greece as soon as Katidis pulled out the Nazi Salute, the 20-year-old midfielder protested his innocence.

Katidis: “I want to solve a misunderstanding. This does not mean anything to me… I’m happy to win… I am a footballer and I’m happy to win.”

In another interview given after AEK Athens 2-1 win over Veria, Katidis admitted to watching videos of his side’s fanatical support and that this gesture was intended for them.

AEK’s German coach, Ewald Lienen, known for his left-wing views, also defended Katidis: “If a player did that in my team, he would never play for me again.”

Another picture below, followed by video of the goal and the Nazi Salute celebration.