Gigi ‘The Godfather’ Becali makes call from corporate box for Steaua sub v Chelsea

Steaua Bucharest owenr Gigi Becali  is one of the – if not the most notorious characters in football.

Much of his legend has been built around his omnipotent running of the club, having gone through 14 managers in his 11 year reign.

An example of the sheer power Becali wields over team affairs was shown in Steaua’s Europa Leauge round of 16 first leg win over Chelsea.

‘The Godfather’ wanted to get midfielder Mihai Pintili off as soon as possible before he got himself sent off, having continued to make risky challenges after being booked.

Becali picked up his phone and made a call to the dugout but got now answer.

Thus began an elongated game of Chinese Whispers as the Steaua chain of command played out in front of the cameras.

Becali sent his executive president Valeriu Argaseala down to the tunnel to speak to the coaching staff to get his message to the manager.

Argaseala, though, was stopped from going into the dugout by a UEFA steward, but managed to catch the attention of sporting director Marius Ianuli.,

The message was then passed from Ianuli to general manager Mihai Stoica who finally let boss Laurentiu Reghecampf know Becali’s thoughts.

After all that, Reghecampf had already made the substitution of his own accord!

Watch Gigi ‘The Godfather’ Becali wield his power over his coaching staff on the clip below.

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