GIFs & Poll: Should Cristiano Ronaldo have won a penalty after Mascherano challenged him in the box?

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It was the key moment in the Clasico, and the moment Real Madrid fans will be upset about for quite some time.

With Barcelona leading 1-0 in the Nou Camp on Saturday night, Madridistas screamed blue murder for a penalty when Javier Mascherano collided with Cristiano Ronaldo in the Blaugrana box.

Referee Alberto Undiano waved the penalty shout aside, and fans of Los Blancos began shouting we’ve been robbed!

Several angles on the incident quickly came to the fore, and it became tricky to decide whether the officials had got the game-changing decision right.

From one angle it looked like Mascherano had given away a stonewall penalty with a reckless challenge from behind whilst not trying to play the ball. A second angle, however, confused the situation as it offered Barcelona defenders the opportunity to say Ronaldo milked a little nudge to elaborately fall in the box.

Barcelona went on to win the match 2-1, moving six points clear of Real Madrid in La Liga.

Watch two GIFs of Javier Mascherano’s challenge on Cristiano Ronaldo below.