GIFs: All the angles on Gareth Bale’s epic own goal for Liverpool

Welsh winger Gareth Bale had some match for Spurs on Wednesday night in the 2-1 victory over Liverpool.

Bale set up Aaron Lennon for the Tottenham opener, claimed a free-kick for the second, pulled one back for Liverpool with one of the all-time great own goals and for good measure picked up a booking for diving late on.

The own goal though, despite all his other fine moments in the match, will live long in the memory. Aaron Lennon played his part by smacking a corner off the line and Bale goes down in comical fashion.

Spurs were somewhat fortunate as they could have conceded a similar goal in the first half when Michael Dawson smacked the ball on to William Gallas in similar fashion.

Enjoy all the angles on the Gareth Bale own goal for Liverpool below.

GIFs via the excellent MostarLFC.