GIF: Two ball-boys try ‘saving’ a goal in the Estonian top flight (Kalju vs Tammeka Tartu)

To use outdated street parlance, the following GIF is blowing up this Monday afternoon.

A brilliant 3rd eye was spotted in the Estonian top division over the weekend, in a match that saw Kalju crowned champions of the local Meistriliiga league.

Kalju claimed the title after thumping Tammeka Tartu 5-1, however it was the solitary strike of the visitors which produced the following clip.

Already 4-1 down at the time, Maido Kapp got Tammeka on the scoreboard with a fine strike from inside the D. The ball arrowed past the outstretched keeper into the bottom corner, however more interesting than the goal itself was was the image of two ball-boys positioned behind the net who both dove to try and save the shot as is they were pretending to actually be involved in the game.

The image has been preserved in an epic GIF, while the clip in all it’s video glory can be seen below the fold.