GIF: Swansea’s Ashley Williams kicking Liverpool’s Philippe Coutinho in the balls on Monday night

Swansea captain Ashley Williams was lucky he wasn’t sent off on Monday night during the Welshmen’s 2-2 draw with Liverpool.

Early in the second half Williams ended Philippe Coutinho’s match early when the Swansea captain kicked the Brazilian in the balls.

As Coutinho was looking to orchestrate an attack for the visitors, Williams not only stopped the Liverpool number 10 in his tracks but he then gave him a little extra as well.

Williams clumsily left is left leg out after a quick touch from Coutinho left the defender flat-footed. Williams’ dangled limb was always going to be enough to leave the Liverpool attacking midfielder on the ground, but the Swansea captain then seemed to pull a nasty move by cynically kicking his opponent in his groin.

Williams’ kick ended Coutinho’s match prematurely, and some Liverpool fans were left bemoaning that moment as the incident which changed the course of the game.

Referee Michael Oliver did book Williams for his bad tackle, however the defender could consider himself lucky for not receiving a red card.

Watch Philippe Coutinho’s match highlights against Swansea below.