Ghosts don’t exist! A new Brazilian video responds to Uruguay’s Phantom of 1950 Puma ad

Bring on the World Cup!

Back at the end of November, Puma produced a brilliant advert stacked with historical context to launch the new Uruguay kit ahead of Brazil 2014.

The central tenant to the commercial, apart from publicising the new apparel, was to pay homage to Uruguay’s famous victory over Brazil in the 1950 World Cup final at the Maracana.

The “Maracanazo” as it became known left an indelible mark on Brazil who seemed set to win the World Cup final in front of a mammoth crowd, but the Samba Boys early 1-0 lead quickly turned into a 2-1 win for Uruguay and one of the greatest South America football stories was born.

Brazil’s goalkeeper in the 1950 World Cup final was Moacir Barbosa, who became a pariah in his own country as he was blamed for the turnaround defeat.

And, legend has it that a young Pele had to console his crying father as they listened to the match and promised him that he would personally bring home the Jules Rimey trophy, as he did eight years later.

Back to the future, a few months after Puma released their Phantom of 1950 advert we now have a response via a new video from Brazilian media company Lance. The video is called “Ghosts don’t exist!”

Watch the Puma video below together with the brand new comeback video from Lance.