Getting Winded: Is this the craziest own-goal ever? (TSV Wimsheim-TSV Grunbach)

You’ll be hard pushed to find a more mental own goal than the following video.

Last weekend in lower levels of German football a match took place between TSV Wimsheim and TSV Grunbach, which the hosts eventually ran out 2-1 winners. However, it was the opening goal of the match that has propelled this otherwise ignorable fixture into the spotlight, as Grunbach contrived to score one of the most bizarre own goals of all time.

Looking to take a goal kick, Grunbach found themselves under pressure from the elements as strong winds whooshed in their faces. So bad were the winds that the referee was forced to help hold the ball on the turf in order for the visitors to strike the ball cleanly.

Eventually the number three put his foot through the ball, only to see his clearance loop into the air, and then the winds took over. Sending the ball back to where it came from, the visitors could only watch as the ball travelled 15-yards backwards in the air before bouncing high into the top corner.

The insane own goal can be seen here.