Get ready for Barcelona v Real Madrid: The top 10 goals scored in El Clasico history

Live online football streaming: Barcelona v Real Madrid (La Liga, El Clasico).

“Real Madrid-Barça is a match that we love to play. They probably do too. That means that a Clásico is a little more than other normal league matches.Football lovers all over the world stop when Barcelona play against Real Madrid. The number of viewers for the last Spanish Supercopa showed that there was more interest than for many Champions League matches.” – Jose Mourinho.

On Sunday night planet football will come to a standstill.

It may be the 14th time in 2 years that Barcelona and Real Madrid have met, in the Nou Camp on Sunday, but that won’t stop everyone watching. You even have to wonder why those that run Serie A would start the Milan derby during the second half of El Clasico.

All eyes will be on Cristiano Ronaldo v Lionel Messi, Tito Vilanova v Jose Mourinho and in the bigger picture whether Real Madrid can cut down Barcelona’s incredible eight point gap after just six La Liga matches.

Before that though, we’ve trawled through the history books and handpicked our selection of the top 10 goals in El Clasico history.

Please note, in order to try and head off any calls of bias we’ve chosen five Barcelona goals and five Real Madrid goals in our top ten. Further, please be aware that we have listed these goals in chronological order and not in any order of preference.

Johan Cruyff (Real Madrid v Barcelona, February 1974)

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Diego Maradona (Real Madrid v Barcelona, February 1984)

Santiago Aragon (Real Madrid v Barcelona, 1990)

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Roberto Carlos (Real Madrid v Barcelona, February 2000)

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Zinedine Zidane (Barcelona v Real Madrid, March 2002)

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Raul Gonzalez (Real Madrid v Barcelona, May 2002)

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Xavi Hernandez (Real Madrid v Barcelona, April 2004)

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Ronaldinho (Real Madrid v Barcelona, November 2005)

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Julio Baptista (Barcelona v Real Madrid, December 2007)

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Lionel Messi (Barcelona v Real Madrid, April 2011)

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