Gerrard’s air shot & Liverpool fans boo

It is rare that a team moves to the top of the league and then finds themselves under a barrage of criticism, but that is exactly the position that Liverpool are in this Tuesday.

The writing was on the wall when captain Stevie G committed a schoolboy error by simply failing to make any contact with the ball when attempting a half-volley. With 20 minutes to go the ball fell to Gerrard on the edge of the box, the number 8 controlled expertly on his thigh, only to completely fluff his left-foot strike with an air shot. Comically, Gerrard tried to paper over the cracks of his terrible miss by acting out a scene from Platoon, hitting the deck as if shot from a sniper in the crowd. Sadly, nobody was fooled.

Watch Gerrard’s air shot here.

At full time the home fans then aired their frustration by releasing a short and sharp boo towards their team. On the boos James Ducker wrote, “the boos that rang out in a small section of the home support at Anfield at the final whistle last night spoke volumes about the outcome of a match that Liverpool know they should have won.”

Listen to the boos reign out at Anfield here.

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