German Disobedience: Chelsea’s Michael Ballack & Bayern’s Lukas Podolski come to blows

Ok. So it’s not so much as blows as handbags at nine paces. But seeing two German players going at it on the pitch is still a sight for sore eyes.

After cruising their way to victory in Wales last night, the Germans took the shine off their win after Michael Ballack and striker Lukas Podolski got in each others faces during the second half, with Podolski apparently objecting to being told what to do by his captain.

The pair clashed in the middle of the pitch after Ballack, barked orders at his teammate, approached the number 18 with his arms raised, only for Podolski to react angrily to his captain’s behaviour, thrusting out a forearm to remove Ballack’s hands from his personal space.

Manager Joachim Loew tried to put a positive spin on the face-off after the match.

Loew: “Experienced players have a right to turn the volume on, as it were, and explain things of a tactical nature. I see it as a positive thing that Ballack was supplying that. You’ve got to know that if captains give out tactical instructions on the pitch, it is their right and duty to see that they are carried out.”

Footage of the Ballack-Podolski disagreement can be seen here.