Jokes! Gerard Pique serves Barcelona new kid Luis Suarez with ball prank at training [Video]

No matter how far along you are in life, once you move place, you’re immediately the new kid at school once again.

And despite being one of the best players in the world, and arugably the best striker in the world, even the likes of Luis Suarez can’t evade that life rule.

Classroom joker Gerard Pique (who’s been on serious prankster form this summer, setting off two stinkbombs in Finland last week), took on the role of nice guy ‘bully’ for Suarez’s first day at training.

With Suarez looking a little lost and unsure of how things work during Rondos, Pique invited him into his circle with Xavi and Pedro.

As he was doing a few keepy ups, he let the ball get close to Suarez, and when the Uruguayan went for it, Pique caught the ball, much to the amusement of Xavi et al.

Suarez took it in good spirits; he’s now part of the inner circle…

Everyone laugh at the new kid!