Gerard Piqué: ‘Real Madrid win nothing then buy Bale for €100m. But we (Barcelona) don’t have Bankia’ [La Gazzetta dello Sport]

Crack the Clasciometer up a notch.

Gerard Pique has delved into ideological questions in an interview with Italian paper La Gazzetta dello Sport, in which he portrayed Real Madrid-Barcelona as a battle of Rich v Poor.

Asked about Madrid’s recruitment policy, Pique responded: ‘I’ve read that since 2002 Real Madrid have spent €1.2 billion. We (Barcelona) also spend, but we don’t have Bankia.’

‘It’s like that, and I’m not feel sorry about it. We know there are interests that Madrid win, that they represent capital and that they’re the most popular team in Spain.’

The Bankia reference relates to ongoing theories that the Bale deal, and others in Madrid’s history , have been financed by Spanish banks.

It’s a pretty big claim for a Barcelona player to make, and will do nothing to change Pique’s role of persona non grata in Madrid.

Pique expounded further on the subject in his Champions League presser, where he said: ‘We’re so lucky to have La Masia, and a generation of players that cost nothing. While Madrid can win nothing and then spend €100 on Bale, €30m on Illaramendi (sic), €30million on Bale; we just do what we can.’

Poor little downtrodden Barça. Can someone fill Gerard in on the Neymar deal?!

Carlo Ancelotti can thank Pique anyway. He’s just done his Clasico team talk for him…

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