Gentleman Gianfranco Zola dodges sacking questions but brings reporters coffee (video)

Everybody already loved Gianfranco Zola, but after he was given the boot as West Ham manager on Tuesday the tiny Italian once again showed his class in the manner in with which he dealt with reporters camped outside his house.

With the Sky TV cameras parked outside his front gates looking for the inside scoop on the sacking, Zola chose not to be standoffish or indifferent to the roaming hacks, but rather he stepped out his abode with complimentary cups of coffee as he look to defuse the situation with a smile on his face.

Sky Sports News bod Gary Cotterill sounded stunned by Zola’s behaviour, frothing into his microphone later: “Not only did he make us coffee, he also offered milk and sugar.” Weirdly, he also told Zola it had been a pleasure “working with him.”

In turn, Zola simply stated that he wouldn’t be answering any questions on his dismissal as he acted like a complete gentleman.

Footage of the Zola-coffee incident can be seen here.