Gay footballer Robbie Rogers (LA Galaxy) has written a letter to his 14-year-old self, posts on ESPN

It’s been an emotional few months for American footballer Robbie Rogers.

Almost 5 months after becoming the first ever footballer to come out as gay, Robbie Rogers has since been riding a roller-coaster having quit from football only to return to the Beautiful Game by joining the LA Galaxy just a couple of days later.

Rogers’ epiphany to return to the game came when he spoke to a group of about 500 kids at the Nike Be True LGBT Youth Forum in Portland in April.

He told USA TODAY Sports in an exclusive interview about his return: “I seriously felt like a coward. These kids are standing up for themselves and changing the world, and I’m 25, I have a platform and a voice to be a role model. How much of a coward was I to not step up to the plate?”

Now an icon for gay rights in football, Rogers has now written an open letter to his 14-year-old self in which he has addressed his sexuality whilst going through puberty. Rogers posted his letter on ESPN.

Crucially, Robbie told his young self: “You’re not damned or going to hell. You didn’t have a choice in this. But you do have a purpose in life, just as everyone does.”

Read the superb open letter below.

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