Gary Neville’s reaction to Anderson’s quotes that lots of players want to leave Man United was priceless

Anderson has left Manchester United on loan to join Fiorentina, and on Monday the Brazilian midfielder took a pot-shot at the Old Trafford club saying:

I am sure that lots of players want out. Especially people like myself and Nani, who have been in Manchester for seven or eight years. Manchester United is a huge club, a club that does everything for its players, but sometimes a footballer wants to leave just to experience a different way to play football and to learn something as well. 

Anderson’s quotes were raised on Monday Night Football, and ex-United defender Gary Neville reacted with disdain to those suggestions that players want out of the Theatre of Dreams.

Neville said he’d “stunned” if Anderson’s quotes were true, while Jamie Carragher joined in to make sure Anderson knows his standing in England after his largely failed career in Manchester.

Carragher argued:

[These] players are not going anywhere better than Man United. Man United aren’t doing well and they think they’re gonna go to these top clubs. They won’t be. They’ll be bringing top players in to replace them.

Watch the discussion of Anderson’s quotes regarding Manchester United below.