Gary Neville shows that five Spurs players were napping at kick off before Navas’s 14 second goal

Jesus Navas scored after 14 seconds against Tottenham on Sunday, and on Sky Sports’ Monday Night Football show, leading pundit Gary Neville showed how Spurs problems were evident even before the match had begun.

Neville called Tottenham’s setup at the kick off at the Etihad a “shambles” as no less than five players weren’t focused on the game at hand from the get-go.

Neville pointed out that Jan Vertonghen was busy tying his laces, Younes Kaboul and Michael Dawson were busy playing with their socks, Paulinho was squatting down on the pitch, while Kyle Walker had his hands on his hips as the game sprung into life.

Neville then got to the meat of his analysis:

Spurs were surprised by the start of a game at Manchester City. They’re not ready. They ended up passing back to goalkeeper straight from kick off – which is a pet hate of mine.

It is a poor kick by Lloris but Man City are right onto them, and everything is fantastic from here on with regard to the pressure from City. Navas’s finish is world class.

Watch Gary Neville pick apart Tottenham’s backline on Monday Night Football here, while Navas’s goal can be seen below.