Gary Neville says Jack Wilshere’s chant about Spurs was the best thing he’s seen in ten years

wilshere chant about spurs, july 2015

Jack Wilshere’s expletive-filled chant about Spurs didn’t go down a treat with the FA.

English football’s governing body fined the Arsenal midfielder for orchestrating a chant about Spurs and feces during Arsenal’s FA Cup victory parade last season.

But there is one FA employee who thinks that the £40,000 fine was excessive.

Wilshere’s chant (“What do we think of Spurs? S**t. What do we think of S**t? Spurs.”) was the best thing that Gary Neville has seen a footballer do in ten years.

No stranger to airing unexpected opinions, Neville was captured by Wilshere’s passion as he immersed himself in fan culture with the Arsenal faithful.

The Sky Sports pundit and England coach told Sport Magazine: “When Jack Wilshere swore on a bus ride, I actually thought it was one of the best things I’ve seen from a football player in the past five or 10 years.

“If I was a manager of players that all had that passion… Alright, they’d obviously been out the night before. But the reality of it is we cry out for players to have passion, and yet we are quite critical of them when they display passion.”

But couldn’t Wilshere have displayed such a degree of passion without resorting to taunts? Is passion judged by how much you hate your opponent?

It’s a matter of opinion, I guess.

In the same interview Neville was asked whether he thought Raheem Sterling was worth £50 million and it led him to get all philosophical.

“Is anything worth anything? The whole world has gone mad – football has seen the greatest increase (in terms of perceiveed value of everything) that people are aware of, but people never complain about motor racing or baseball or basketball, tennis, golf. But football, maybe because it’s seen as a working-class sport.”

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