Gary Neville & Jamie Carragher discuss Continental v English central defending style: ‘I wouldn’t want to play with David Luiz’, ‘Piqué failed here’

The Scholes/Gerrard/Lampard debate wasn’t the only topic that provoked heated discussion on Monday Night Football.

When analysing Chelsea’s defeat at Everton, the pair took up the case of David Luiz’s erratic defending style, and while admitting he is excellent on the ball, they both concurred that they ‘wouldn’t want to play with him‘, because he’s simply too unpredictable.

The discussion then moved into the cultural differences between Continental defending (high line, breaking out with the ball), v more conservative, low-risk English central defending.

Gerard Pique was taken up as another archetype of the Continental central defender, and the pair mused over how he’s gone on to be one of the world’s best from a relatively non-descript contribuition to English football.

Not for the first time in his budding punditry career, Carra showed his insular attitude and relative lack of knowledge of the global game, when he asserted that Gerard Pique ‘failed in the Premier League.’ (!) – Gerard Pique left the Premier League at just 21 without having been given a real chance; calling him a failure is incredibly ignorant.

Carra also told a revealing story about the frustration of playing alongside Jose Enrique, saying ‘I just stopped talking to him because he wouldn’t listen.’

Neville then admitted he’s leaning more towards the Continental style, reasoning that ‘they’re the ones winning World and European Cups, not us.’

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