Gary Neville dissects Tottenham 2 – Arsenal 1 with yet more brilliant analysis

There has been much written about the north London derby, following Tottenham’s 2-1 victory over Arsenal on Sunday afternoon.

Whilst many have pointed out that Spurs and Arsenal were playing ridiculously high lines, G Nev once again produces some excellent analysis on the high octane match.

Whilst Spurs do not escape criticism, it is the Arsenal defence that Gary Neville really takes to task as he explains what many of the main protagonists were thinking, especially the full backs, where he of course spent his career.

Before Neville and Ed Chamberlain even get to the Spurs goals, they highlight numerous times when both teams could have opened up the other side.

On the Tottenham goals, Neville pinpoints the role of Thomas Vermaelen and Nacho Monreal for being culpable as Arsenal’s offside trap failed.

Neville also praises Emmanuel Adebayor’s run for the opening Tottenham goal and how Aaron Lennon avoided a body check from Monreal for the second goal, 2 minutes and 6 seconds later.

Once you watch the lengthy video below, you will undoubtedly be enlightened on Tottenham 2 – Arsenal 1.

If only the BBC could produce analysis like this… (For comparison, see second video below which is MOTD2 analysing the same game.)