Gary Neville blames Matt Jarvis for not diving for West Ham at Arsenal, says he lost his team a penalty [Video]

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It may not have been politically correct, but Sky Sports pundit Gary Neville tore into Matt Jarvis’ honesty on Tuesday night for contributing to West Ham’s 3-1 defeat at Arsenal.

Before West Ham took the lead at the Emirates, the Hammers should have been awarded a penalty when Gunners right back Bacary Sagna kicked Jarvis in the knee in the host’s box.

Instead of hitting the deck like most players would have done in the circumstance, Jarvis chose to stay on his feet after being fouled by the Frenchman. Consequently, West Ham were never awarded a penalty and the Irons’ supporters were left to grumble in the wind.

Gary Neville blasted the West Ham winger on Sky Sports:

He should have gone down. Well done, your team haven’t won a game.

You can either be an angel and do what Matt Jarvis did and get a pat on the back off his Nan when he goes home tonight, or he can win his team a penalty.

The referee won’t give it if you don’t go down. Sam [Allardyce] said it, if you don’t go down you don’t get a penalty. It’s a foul.

I suppose in some ways people can say ‘It’s disappointing to hear you say that Gary’ – well then, be disappointed because ultimately that’s the game.