Gary Medel (Sevilla) gets sent off v Atleti, kicks the crap out of some garden furniture

Gary Medel has long lived up to his nickname of the pitbull.

Down the years the Chilean midfielder has headbutted Cesc Fabregas and grabbed Giovani Dos Santos by the short and curlies, and on Wednesday night the Sevilla player flew off the handle again in the Copa Del Rey.

Medel needed to be physically shoved off the pitch by teammate Alvaro Negrado in the 75th minute after the midfielder was dismissed after an off-the-ball shoulder barge into Atletico’s Diego Costa.

With Costa rolling around on the floor in an act which could have been seen as simulation, Medel gave his opponent a little kick which in turn earned him a red card,

Somewhat justifiably, Medel was furious at being red carded for such an incident, and a poor plastic chair took the brunt of his anger as the Chilean kicked it to pieces as he headed down the tunnel.

Comically Medel also slipped a little as he whacked the innocent chair.

Watch Gary Medel kick the crap out of some garden furniture below, while a GIF of the incident can be seen below the fold.