Gary Lineker’s new Walkers ad: “Do us a Flavour”

Crisps manufacturer Walkers have rolled out their latest ad campaign, “Do us a Flavour,” with Match of the Day’s Gary Lineker taking up his usual role as the on-screen face of the company.

And as is typical of Lineker’s persona in the Walkers ads, the ex-pro is cast as the miserly sneak who does whatever he can to ensure he gets to eat all the crisps himself.

In the latest ad, Lineker poses as a policeman to abscond the final six crisp flavours battling it out to win Walkers “Do us a flavour” competition, as Walkers look to encourage viewers to vote for their favourite. The final six flavours, which went on sale in January, are Chilli and Chocolate, Fish & Chips, Onion Bjhaji, Cripy Duck & Hoisin, Cajun Squirrel and Builder’s Breakfast.

The most popular flavour will remain a permanent fixture and the winner will receive £50,000 and 1% of net revenue sales, estimated to total £57,000 per year.

Gary Lineker’s Walkers ad can be seen here.