Gary Lineker angers Al Jazeera viewers saying Montpellier’s Muslim prayer celebration was “eating grass”

Talk about knowing your audience!

Gary Lineker has found himself in a spot of hot bother, after telling Al Jazeera viewers the a prayer celebration from of two Montpellier’s Muslim players made them look like they were “eating grass.”

The Match of the Day presenter was hosting Al Jazeera’s Middle East coverage of Wednesday night’s Champions League games, when he made the following comment during a showing of Karim Ait-Fana’s opener for Montpellier at Schalke:

A terrific effort from Karim Ait-Fana. He scored from just outside the area, and then ate grass. As you do!

Lineker’s commentary was made at the same time as pictures were rolling of Ait-Fana and his Moroccan colleague Younes Belhanda bowing their heads to the ground.

Gary Lineker has since used his Twitter account to apologise for his comments (see below), however that apology has drawn around round of scorn.

Watch Gary Lineker’s “eating grass” comment below.

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