Gareth Bale fails to show at Spurs training, Real Madrid will pay €200m in total for Welshman [Guardian]

It’s set to be another turbulent day in the life of Gareth Bale.

After the Tottenham man returned from Spain amid reports that the Real Madrid-bound star was nursing a foot injury, Bale was supposed to return to Spurs training on Tuesday.

Sky Sports News and the Guardian, however, are claiming that Bale has proven a no-show.

The Guardian report:

Gareth Bale did not turn up for training at Spurs today with his £85m move to Real Madrid still waiting to be confirmed.

The Welshman had spent two days in Marbella, on Spain’s south coast, expecting to see the deal sorted out but flew back home on Monday without the transfer being resolved.

Bale’s camp had already worked out a package with Madrid that meant he would sign a six-year contract, with an annual salary close to €10m a year net, or £8.5m. That would take the cost of the total package for Madrid above €200m (£172m).

Should the information prove accurate, then Bale’s non-appearance at training would be widely interpreted as the player showing his determination not to play for Tottenham again to ensure his deal with Real is finalised.

Belief is that Real Madrid want to unveil Bale at the Santiago Bernabeu on Wednesday, which if true would suggest that that deal with Tottenham will be completed on Tuesday in order to have enough time to put the event together.

Below is a Sky Sports News update on the Gareth Bale situation, along with a series of Tweets on today’s updates.