Galatasaray’s Umit Karan gets dumped in a puddle and is sent for an early bath

As I have no understanding of Turkish, unfortunately there is no accurate translation for the following video but it can be assumed that Galatasaray’s Umit Karan is expressing less than happy words about his red card which he received at Sivasspor on Saturday.

The flash point arrived on the stroke of halftime, after both sides failed to find a breakthrough during the first half.

With the time running out in the opening forty-five, Gala striker Umit Karan had a coming-together with Sivasspor’s number five, Murat Sozgelmez. Karan came off worse from the collision, taking a tumble and skidding on the wet surface towards the advertising hoardings.

Visibly upset, Karan immediately jumped on his feet to express his anger, mumbling some comments to himself before kicking at the moisture on the ground which had drenched the striker during his slide.

Having exited the field of play in the initial incident, Karan then stood next to the linesman on the touchline, waiting for the ref to allow him to rejoin the action on the pitch. But in a bizarre turn of events, the referee marched over to the soaking-wet Karan only to whip out a red card ordering the forward to an early bath. The blank look of innocence on Karan’s face was clear for everyone to see.

Rumours have since suggested that Karan was red-carded for swearing at the officials, however this has yet to be confirmed.

Umit Karan’s seemingly harsh sending off can be seen here.

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