Ear We Go! Galatasaray joker Emmanuel Eboue trolls a Turkish interviewer on live TV

It’s a massive week for Turkish powerhouse Galatasaray, but their Ivorian defender Emmanuel Eboue isn’t sweating a jot.

The Turkish Super Lig leaders travel to Madrid on Wednesday for their match of the season away at Real in the quarterfinals of the Champions League, but Eboue isn’t letting the magnitude of the occasion to get to him.

This was clearly seen during a TV interview as the Gala players headed to Spain.

As a clean-cut Turkish interviewer prised a few quotes out of Eboue, the former Arsenal fullback was far less interested in talking about the game compared to trolling his questioner as the camera was rolling.

Eboue was particularly interested in messing with the Turkish interviewer’s head as he poked and blew down his earholes.

Watch Emmanuel Eboue troll a Turkish interviewer below.