Galatasaray and Fenerbahce look back on Graeme Souness flag incident 20 years later (Video)

graeme souness flag

Graeme Souness only managed Galatasaray for one season, 1995-96. They’ve made more than 15 managerial changes since then so it goes to show what an iconic moment his flag antics are in the club’s mythology that he’s still being spoken about twenty years later. Copa 90 look back on his famous act and the reverberations it created.

Fenerbahce fans also speak about the incident, when Souness stabbed the Fenerbahce centre circle with a Galatasaray after winning the Turkish Cup final there. Later, a crazed Fenerbahce would try to restore his club’s honour by hiding in the stadium for hours before appearing at kick-off with his own flag – and a knife.

Listen to the crazy tale in the fascinating video below.

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