G Nev (too late now) & Carra (it’s panic) tear into Arsenal’s lack of transfer activity on MNF

Immediately after the defeat to Aston Villa, Arsenal, manager Arsene Wenger and the Gunners board have been torn to pieces about the lack of transfer activity at the Emirates over the summer.

Now Sky Sports’ punditry double-act of Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher have voiced their criticisms of Arsenal’s transfer policy on Monday Night Football.

Following a day in which Arsenal had a 10 million pound bid for Newcastle’s midfielder Yohan Cabaye rejected, Neville and Carragher were asked if the Frenchman was “the answer” to Arsenal’s woes. The answer was emphatically no.

Neville was first to respond with his open can of whoop-ass:

There is no single player who is going to answer Arsenal’s problems. Look, they need four or five (new signings). I said at the end of last season, they need to go now Arsenal. They need to go now.

It’s too late now. It’s two weeks to go (until the end of the transfer window), it’s very difficult to get the players that you want at this period. They should have basically had things sorted out a lot quicker. They haven’t done. They’ve left themselves in a difficult position. They need a big shop. It’s not one or two players. 

Then it was a Carragher’s go to have a pop at the Wenger Boys.

If Cabaye was that important to them they wouldn’t be buying him now. It feels to me like it’s a panic… Arsenal frustrate me.  I feel like how the supporters are feeling… Wenger will never overspend, and I look at Arsenal sometimes and think ‘there’s only one section of people who’ll overspend at that club. The supporters.’ They’ve got the highest season tickets in the league.

Watch Neville and Carragher’s brilliant discussion on Arsenal’s transfer problems below.