Future CBF Vice-President: ‘Luiz Felipe Scolari will never manage a Brazil team again’ [ESPN]

Predictably, Brazil manager Luiz Felipe Scolari has been proverbially getting it in the ass following last night’s catastrophic 1-7 defeat to Germany, and resulting crashing out of the World Cup.

Big Phil has refused to resign, saying at his press conference today that he’ll remain in charge as normal, but it appears the powers that be already have designs on ousting the Brazil manager.

That’s to say: he’s facing the sack, according to the future vice-President of the CBF (Brazil FA)  Delfim Peixoto (picture in the centre, left).

Speaking to ESPN Brazil,  Delfim Peixoto, who’ll take over as vice-chief in April 2015, was categorical in his conviction that Scolari will be sacked, saying he’ll ‘never again’ manage a Brazil team:

Scolari was too stubborn, in everything, from his squad selection to his tactical system. Everything went wrong.

I don’t even want to talk about this, in case I say something I regret, but one thing is for sure: Scolari will never again manage a Brazil team. He’ll never be back.

According to Peixoto, Scolari ‘should retire’, to avoid any further humiliation, not to say the unceremonious nature of a sacking.

‘There’ll be no place for him with any team in Brazil. Not now not ever. He should just gather his things and say ‘bye’.