Futsal star Falcao ups the ante on Ronaldinho with an incredible rabona behind-the-goal goal

Ever since Ronaldinho returned to Brazil to sign on with Flamengo, a series of videos have been flooding the internet showing that the buck-toothed wonder still has a vast array of tricks and skills to entertain with.

One such video recorded Ronaldinho’s behind-the-goal goal. Standing behind a goal, Dinho managed to put enough spin and curve on the ball so that it travelled back of itself and entered the net. (Watch the footage here.)

Now, however, Ronaldinho has found his competition as futsal star Falcao upped the ante releasing his own viral video taking the behind-the-goal goal to a new level.

Not only did Falcao prove that whatever Ronaldinho can do he can do too, but the Samba showboat added his own twist on the skill by throwing in a rabona for good measure.

Watch Falcao’s incredible rabona behind-the-goal goal.


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This is far from the first time Falcao has wowed onlookers. Repeatedly over the years the biggest star in the world of indoor football scene has lead the way by showing off incredible skills in matches.

Two of his most famous moments included a wonder-goal against Romania back in 2009 and an outrageous lob against Colombia in 2010.

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