Funny video: Real Madrid’s high command (Adolf Hitler) discuss Gareth Bale transfer

Downfall parodies of Adolf Hitler getting irate about something are nothing new on the world wide web but occasionally, if done well, with good timing and funny jokes, they can sum up a situation well.

One Spurs fan, YouTuber “Erol Hassan,” has produced an excellent parody of Adolf Hitler attempting to sign Gareth Bale for Real Madrid, titled: “Bale in or bail out?”

Starting off joking about Spain’s troublesome economy, Hitler moves on to “Marca’s rumour mill” before one of Hitler’s lieutenants informs him that Bale has turned up to Tottenham training this week.

Among the highlights include how Real Madrid lured Luka Modric last summer, comparing Arsene Wenger to Stalin and reference to the supposed Al Qaeda threat to Tottenham over Gareth Bale.

Arguably the best line from Hitler is: “Sources close to me say I’m fucked off by your incompetence.”

Spurs fans will love this!