Funny or offensive? Photoshoppers mock injured Spurs ‘monkey’ Gareth Bale

Video: Gareth Bale gets taken out late on against Basel, Spurs star leaves on a stretcher.


Whilst Tottenham fans sweat over the fitness of Gareth Bale following the Welshman’s horrible looking ankle injury against Basel on Thursday night, trolls across the internet are mercilessly poking fun at the Spurs star for looking like monkey.

That Bale is being compared to a monkey is nothing new, sadly, and there appears to be little widespread appetite to call out those who start these ‘jokes’.

There is clearly a large group of photoshoppers who believe comparing Bale to a monkey is fair cop. Others, however, believe these images are grossly abusive.

In that regard, below a series of images making light of Bale’s Tottenham injury.