LOLZ: Fulham mascot Billy the Badger trolled Manchester United’s Robin van Persie

Fulham mascot Billy the Badger pulled off a classic prank on Saturday as the oversized stuff animal taunted Robin van Persie.

As the Manchester United striker was preparing to swing in a set play by the corner flag, Billy the Badger popped in the background to execute an old school “Na Na, Na Na Na!” cuss.

This isn’t the first time the Fulham mascot has stolen attention.

Back in 2008 against West Ham, Billy the Badger was too busy breakdancing on the pitch to notice the second half is about to start. He got manhandled off the pitch by the ref.

As for van Persie, the forward was oblivious to the mascot, and the Manchester United forward later had a vital moment in the match when he saved a header off the goalline in injury time.

Watch Billy the Badger troll Robin van Persie below.