Friendly between Gimnasia & Estudiantes descends into savage fight (Video)

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You have to wonder about the scheduling that is taking place in Argentina right now, before the new season starts next week.

Boca Juniors and River Plate have played each other twice in two weeks, the first game of which saw five players sent off.

See: 5 sent off in River Plate’s 1-0 friendly win over Boca Juniors (Video).

On Sunday, Gimnasia and Estudiantes were the latest Argentine rivals to go at it, in spectacular fashion, during a “friendly”.

Estudiantes won the match 1-0 thanks to an early Carlos Auzqui goal but they had two players sent off. Gimnasia lost one player to a red card.

Two of the three sendings off were due to the post-match brawl, that becomes quite savage – as can be seen on the video below.

Santiago Ascacibar was sent off for Estudiantes and Gimnasia goalkeeper Enrique Bologna saw red in the post-match brawl which really needs to be seen to be believed.

With seven minutes injury time to be played at the end of the game, the teams could only see out four and the game was suspended.

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