Friendly Fire: Nolberto Paparatto and Nicolas Pavlovich have a punch-up

With friends like these, etc and so on.

A supposed friendly match between Tigre and Argentinos Juniors descended into violence yesterday, as Nolberto Paparatto and Nicolas Pavlovich took lumps out of each other, both throwing and landing a series of punches after just 8 minutes of the match.

The flare-up began to bubble from almost the kick-off, Pavlovich hacking Paparatto down just outside of the area with a poor tackle after only a few minutes of play. And minutes later Paparatto had the opportunity to seek revenge, hacking down Pavlovich with a gruesome and totally unnecessary tackle from behind on the halfway line.

Without a seconds hesitation the pair let their fists do the talking, as a full-on brawl broke out. With the intensity and hatred evident between the warring footballers, players from both sides quickly moved to defuse the situation and separate Paparatto and Pavlovich, however such was the animosity that it took several seconds for the pair to be split and order to be restored.

Eventually calm was restored and the teams went on to play out a goalless draw.

Footage of the punch-up between Nolberto Paparatto and Nicolas Pavlovich can be seen here.