French FAIL! Joey Barton develops a bizarre accent at Marseille

Why do Englishman keep on doing this?

Four years ago, when Steve McClaren took over the reins at FC Twente, the former England coach quickly acquired the nickname of Schteeve following a bizarre interview with a local journalist.

Now Schteeve has a partner in crime, Joe Le Taxi, after Joey Barton has fallen in the same trap.

Last weekend in Ligue 1 Barton made his long awaited league debut for Marseille in a 1-nil win over Lille.

Barton made the headlines for a x-rated tackle on Lille’s Florent Balmont. According to reports Barton stamped on Balmont’s ankle, and while the Englishman only received a yellow for his troubles many thought a red card was more deserving.

After the match Barton faced the press and, never one to shy aware from a controversial issue, he hit back at journalists in a presser.

Yesterday I make one tackle, and all everyone speaks about is that tackle. No one talks about the 50-yard pass that kills Balmont and causes a red card for him… For me it’s important that people talk about the qualities I bring as a footballer. I’m a little bit bored of the English media. Hopefully the French media have a little more about them… The one criticism of the French league is that it’s a little bit boring.

Barton comments were no doubt very interesting, but the content of Barton’s interview has been swept away by a ridiculous accent Barton employed when he was speaking. His syntax appeared to completely disintegrat as Barton morphed into a character out of ‘Allo ‘Allo.

Watch Joey Barton’s interviews below, while below the fold you can see that 50-yard pass (1.32 mins in).

Update: Two further videos have emerged of Barton’s crazy accent after the original video below.

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