Frank Rijkaard on Barca: “It would be dangerous to fall into a state of euphoria”

Former Barcelona manager Frank Rijkaard was jumped upon by the awaiting Spanish media at the weekend and the Dutchman touched down at the city’s El Prat airport to meet a barrage of reporters looking for a sound-bite.

And Rijkaard happily obliged.

Looking relaxed and willing to answer questions, Rijkaard congratulated the La Liga leaders for their excellent start to the season, as well as voicing his concerns that complacency could upset the apple cart.

Rijkaard said: “I am very happy with how things are going and I would like to congratulate the coaching staff and the players. The team is working well, they are in a strong, positive dynamic and I like that. Let’s hope they can continue like that for the whole season, but there is a long way to go and it would be dangerous to fall into a state of euphoria.

Asked about his future plans, Rijkaard kept his cards close to his chest claiming he has nothing in the offing. But, playing up to his old allegiances, he stated that he would not be the coach of Real Madrid.

Frank Rijkaard’s interview (in Spanish) can be seen here.