Frank Lampard: Neither Liverpool or Manchester United have pulled away from us

This weekend sees the match of the titans in the Premier League as Chelsea visit Manchester United on Sunday.

Frank Lampard has given a very bullish interview ahead of the trip, affirming his belief that Chelsea remain well poised for three trophies this season and contesting that the league is still very much in the Blues’ sight.

Lampard believes the top four are “all very much level” and that the real business of the season begins now.

Lampard’s interview can be seen here.

The new year, new promise rhetoric has also been spouted by Arsenal’s forward Emmanuel Adebayor, who has also been caught on camera refusing to admit that the title has slipped from the Gunners’ grasp.

Admitting it will tough, Adebayor believes that there 10 point deficit is surmountable and that “Arsenal will do everything to make it possible.”

Adebayor’s interview can be seen here.